Research findings about Greek political blogs, by K. Zafiropoulos and V. Vrana

Please find a full open source article at An Exploration of Political Blogging in Greece


Blogs have the advantage of speedy publication and an advantage in socially constructing interpretive frames for understanding current events. Blogs appear to play an increasingly important role as a forum of public debate, with knockon consequences for the media and for politics. In Greece where the ratio of internet users is relatively small there is however an expanding portion of bloggers who comment regularly and have the power to a certain degree and in certain circumstances to trigger off political movements. Based on the relative literature, the paper locates Greek political blogs and provides indicators of their popularity and interconnections. As a case study, the paper considers the recent debate that took place on the Web relatively to the election of PASOK’s new President. Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) (one of the two major parties in Greece) was defeated on the national election of September 16 2007, and this defeat brought up a major leadership crisis. Election for a new leader was held on November 11 2007. The paper examines the inteconnections between blogs that were pros or cons the two main candidates for presidency for the period from September 16 to November 13. Using social networking theory and statistical analysis, it presents and measures blogs’ connectivity, conversational patterns and variations over time. It examines the skewdeness of incoming blog  links and finds the core blog groups that serve as focal points for political bloggers. The paper adds to the study  of political blogs by reporting patterns of blogging and making one of the few contributions to the study of political blogging in Greece.



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