Sharing Followers in e-Government Twitter Accounts: The Case of Greece

Zafiropoulos, K.; Antoniadis, K.; Vrana, V. Sharing Followers in e-Government Twitter Accounts: The Case of Greece. Future Internet 2014, 6, 337-358.

Abstract: The recent emergence of e-government and online social media offers opportunities for governments to meet the demands and expectations of citizens, to provide value-added services and overcome barriers of reduced public budgets. Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform that can facilitate interaction and engagement. It is widely used by government agencies, public affairs practitioners, non-government organizations, members of Parliament and politicians. The paper aims to explore the use of Twitter by government agencies in Greece and record Twitter followers’ preferences regarding which accounts they follow. The paper records 27 Greek e-government Twitter accounts and their 107,107 followers. It uses a data mining technique, association rules and two multivariate statistical methods, multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis and proposes the use of a similarity measure, suitable for describing Twitter account proximity. In this way, the paper locates accounts that share followers. Groups of Twitter accounts are located, and their common orientation is described. The analysis not only describes Twitter account similarities and group formation, but to some extent, the followers’ preferences and habits of obtaining information through Twitter, as well.
Keywords: e-government; Twitter; Greece; followers; association rules; multidimensional scaling; cluster analysis; groups of accounts; shared followers


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